Tell me more about the product

Our artworks are not only visually pleasing but also provides protection to your JUUL Device from debris and dust that can build up from normal use. Special Coating that is applied to all Engraze products will slide the waste right off your device.

Throw your old Juul Shell away and Stimulate Your Experience with Engraze

How Do I Install the Shell?

Installing Your New Juul-compatible shell is simple as 1.2.3
Simply remove your old shell and slide in the new shell

How many sides will the engraving be on? Which side will the engraving be on?

Designs are by default, engraved on one side unless otherwise specified in the product description

Products utilizing the LED mechanism of the device will be printed on the front side so our Juul-compatible shells can incorporate the LED into the design.

Will this break my device? Will it function properly after installation?

No Worries!

We attempted trials numerous times (100+) with our own products and devices. As long as you follow the procedure in the How-To Page, your device will be fine. Installation is short and simple. No need to worry!

How does Shipping work? Do you Ship Internationally?

Products are shipped out the same day for orders before Noon and the next day for orders after Noon.


Free shipping with USPS first class takes between 2~5 Days

For a little extra fee we can ship USPS priority which will arrive within 2 days


USPS is flat @ $13 and takes between 8~15 Days

DHL express takes 2 days for delivery  andcosts $30

Orders marked completed means that the order is shipped and on it’s the way to it’s  destination!

How does the engraving process work?

We use a High-Wattage Laser Engraver to permanently leave a Engraving on your Shell. Unlike Stickers, these are permanent and will last as long as your JUUL Device.

How long does the engraving last?

The Engraved Shell will last as long as your JUUL Device

Can I change the delivery address after I was charged?

If the product has not been shipped yet we can help you change your shipping address.

Please email us at: [email protected]

Is my information secret or kept private?

We strictly follow GDFR privacy guidelines.

Your information is securely stored on our servers with the highest level of encryption.