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Hi there! And Welcome to Engraze. I want to start off by thanking you all for the support you have shown us. Today in this blog post I wanted to go over the custom design process.

Engraze; We are a company that always thrives to achieve the maximum potential. We offer over 30+ (as of this day) on our website but we understand that some of you want an Unique Engraved JUUL Shell. An only one-in-the-world. Just for you.

That is why we offer custom designs. To provide you with the most unique and expertise engraving services that you need.

We have received numerous customs so far and we don’t stop until you are completely satisfied with the Results. Here’s some quotes from email communications with our customers during and after the design process.

The designing process might simply be some research and press of a button on the Your end but here’s how it’s done behind the scenes

Once we receive the order from

We immediately review the design, provide comments and suggestions on how to make it more suitable for Engraving. Once that is done, and you confirm the design we start working on the design. Since it is a unique custom, your feedback on the design is the most important part of getting the perfect design that you want.

Usually, it takes about 1~2 days for your design to be completed.

Once the design is complete we contact you and send over a draft that you can comment on. Once the communication is done we make the adjustments and proceed to engraving the design on your JUUL case.

Below is a first draft that we have sent over to one of our customers.

  1. Present the initial Draft for feedback.
  2. Make all the adjustments until the design is pixel perfect. Below is the same design after we made adjustments based on exchanged emails.

Finally, the design is engraved on a shell and we send you a picture of the shell before we ship it out.

If you would like to submit a custom design you can have your’s own @

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