Hello There!

Hi, my name is Pedro and I am the Lead Designer for Engraze.

It’s been only a week since we launched but, I want to thank you all for the warm support and feedback that you gave back to us. Without your support we couldn’t have achieved this.

Lots of people were skeptical when we first came up with this idea: sometimes calling us “insane” or “out of your mind” but with your support from you –the community– as well as my team we were able to successfully overcome the many challenges we faced during the first week of sales.

We still have a long way to go: we’re nowhere near the finish line, and as a small university-town startup there are and there will will be many hurdles and challenges to overcome.

We faced numerous challenges  but we always pushed ourselves to the max because we won’t satisfy ourselves with anything but to provide you with the most excellent services and products that we can accomplish.

Thank you for being a part of our Team, we are always welcome for new ideas… we’ll strive to make it happen. 

Here’s a quick survey so we can better listen to you.


Best, Pedro.

13 thoughts on “Hello There!

  1. Michael Brown says:

    Last week I received my shell in the mail. I was really happy with the quality of the product and superb job on the packaging. Took me a while to get the QR code to work though lol.
    I love the attention i’m getting with the shell, everyone is asking me where I copped it. I’m really looking forward to seeing to your new release of designs prob gonna cop some more once im done with finals

    • Designer- Pedro says:

      Our teams are always working on new designs! If you have any ideas please submit to our email for a chance to win a free Shell. We plan to have over 30 designs by the beginning of next year.

  2. Sandeep Kumar says:

    I really enjoy your work guys, i was kinnda skeptical at the beginning about the product. But it was really easy to put on my Juul. I absolutely, love it.

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